Sven Van den Broeck

About routes and secrets of Montenegro
Sven Van den Broeck
General Manager Aman Sveti Stefan
Please, suggest some unique routes to get familiar with the region around your hotel (by car, yacht, walking).

One of my favourite things to do with guests, to familiarise them with the area, is to go hiking. One of the best routes is to St Sava Church which overlooks Aman Sveti Stefan. Walking through nature and getting to the view at sunrise or sunset is simply stunning and looking down to the clear waters beneath make it even more special. To really get your bearings another route is down the old serpentine road from Lovcen National Park into Kotor. The views are all-encompassing and along the way you can see Boka Bay and Porto Montenegro. We're lucky that in Montenegro we have 300km of coastline so there is plenty to discover by sea too. Taking a yacht trip during the summer is a great activity with the incredible black mountains as a backdrop. There are plenty hidden coves to be explored by swimming or snorkelling. A popular experience for guests is taking a yacht to Boka Bay which can only be described as similar to the Norwegian Fjords – quite spectacular! At AmanSveti Stefan we can also arrange helicopter rides to the north of the country to explore places such as Tara Canyon, the deepest river Canyon in Europe.
Which places are popular with the locals (park, squares, churches, markets, restaurants, bars, shops)?

Our own Sveti Stefan island is actually a UNESCO heritage site and we feel very lucky to welcome guests and locals to our iconic home. In addition, we have some of the most interesting sites in country on our doorstep such as the Lady of the Rocks which continues to be somewhere locals go. Impressively built on a small islet in the middle of Boka Bay, it's a must visit. Similarly, the Monastery of Ostrog is somewhere I would encourage everyone to see, and it still holds a place of great importance to locals. Set into a cliff face 900m above the Zeta valley, the gleaming white monastery is the most important site in Montenegro for Orthodox Christians. Another place that's popular with locals is Lake Skader, particularly wildlife fans. The largest freshwater body in southern Europe, the lake attracts 280 species of bird including the rare Dalmatian pelican. At AmanSveti Stefan we offer lake cruises there where guests can take in the sound of birdsong and the sight of historic fortresses ensconced on the forest shores.
Please name some interesting new and established things to do and to go for VIP tourists (restaurants, bars, boutiques, yachting) in your region.

Although we are surrounded by incredible history in the area, we also have dynamic new developments that have been built in recent years. Porto Montenegro and Portonovi are both world-class marinas that offer the chance to shop at designer boutiques and dine at a myriad of restaurants.
What is the competitive advantage of your hotel?

Privacy is one of the key advantages of Aman Sveti Stefan. Not only are our guestrooms converted 15th-century fisherman's cottages, offering a generosity of space, but we also have access to a private beach in addition to two others. The resort is a serene sanctuary and our extensive Aman Spa enables us to offer wellness experiences that leave guests feeling a true sense of calm. We are also surrounded by incredible nature, whether it's the lush gardens of eight bedroom Villa Milocer or the incredibly clear waters of the Adriactic Sea that surround the island. Aman Sveti Stefan is a destination to reconnect with family and friends and to discover more about the rich culture of Montenegro.
What is the hotel story and why it considers being the landmark of Montenegro?

Aman Sveti Stefan is made up of a 15th-century fishing village on a fortified islet and the mainland where Villa Milocer resides, once the former summer home of the Queen Maria of Yugoslavia. Sveti Stefan is a UNESCO heritage site and was restored with great sensitivity in order to preserve the authentic elements of the architecture. Once home to 400 inhabitants, the island is still home to four churches and guests can walk along the cobbled paths feeling as if they've stepped back in time as they soak up the magical atmosphere.

PRIME Traveller №5 (95), July – August 2020

PRIME Traveller №5 (95)
July – August 2020
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